The covid-19 outbreak has kept us all at home for soo long. However,being at home for such a long period of time did resulted in a lott of problems.The first and the foremost issue of staying at home and not going out is the “BOREDOM”. During this period,we can actually tackle this problem of being bored through engaging in some purposeful and meaningful activities. Instead of wasting the time in doing nothing,we should utilise this time to the fullest. Before Covid-19, people had this tendency of saying “I don’t have time” And today when we have the time,why not utilise it?
There are a number of activities that we can enroll based on our interests. A few activities that we can get engaged in and are helpful in utilising the time are below:-
1.Learning new skill- We can learn all the things/skills that we wanted too but weren’t able to because of the busy schedules we had. We can actually consume this time in doing that. It will also result in the improvement of us as a person.
2. Meditation- Spending time on meditation can benefit a person in a lott of ways. Doing meditation can make us understand ourselves better and helps us to refocus from the external world to our internal thoughts.
3. Spending time with family- Spending time with your family is the best you can do with the time you have. Spending a couple of hours with your parents,with your siblings will make everything worth it.
4.playing games- You can have soo much fun while playing games with your friends/family.
5. Introspection- Having a ‘me’ time will help you in understanding yourselves. It’ll result in the betterment of a person.
Therefore,there are a lott more activities that we can try to utilise our time to the fullest. We can engage ourselves according to our interests.
Remember not to waste the time As time is very precious and we’ll not get the time back.