Gur Shoba Foundation

The Gur Shoba Foundation is a Non-Profit Organization in Surrey (BC) Canada, founded in 2005 offering upliftment through seva. Gur Shoba means “praise of the Divine Being.” The foundation strives to encourage a higher level of self awareness and strengthen understanding of the Sikh faith by providing melodious kirtan and meditation programs with interpretations and discussion in English and Punjabi. It also facilitates informative and interactive Sikh Philosophy workshops and provides personal appointments to resolve issues within the Sikh community. The Foundation has grown from a small group of women coming together to meditate, share and reflect, to an organization that hosts retreats for close to 100 women annually, providing them the space to enjoy the beauty of their own identity.

Gur Shoba contacted us to create a fully automated online system to register members.

A system with a centralized member database was developed, integrated with Paypal API, it offered users to register and get instant notifications. At the very same time it helped the management by removing the overhead work of managing offline registration, payment processing and notifications regarding the annual retreats.

Administrative features was given to view annual reports of registered members along with features to send bulk and individual notices to the members